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CYC Student Spotlight: Alainia Excels at Science

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Aliania shows off a geometric sculpture she made during a STEAM class.

We love sharing our students’ accomplishments. Meet Alainia, age 13. Alainia loves science and hopes to be a doctor one day. During the 2014-2015 school year, Alaina’s school in South Shore didn’t offer a full science class because of the CPS Budget cuts. Science was cobbled together with other main subjects, and Alainia worried she would fall behind. Fortunately, Aliania attends CYC-Rebecca K. Crown Youth Center. Every day after school, Alainia participated in the “Little Einsteins STEM Club,” where she conducted experiments and engineered robots in the CYC Maker Lab. Instead of falling behind her peers, Alainia excelled. In the Summer of 2015, she became CYC’s first Junior Maker Lab Assistant, and she now teaches youth of all ages (both younger and older) how to run their own experiments, how to design and print toys using our 3D Printer, and how to carve their initials using our X-Carve CNC Machine. Alainia took that experience and confidence back to school, where she is currently the assistant to her new science teacher. She takes pride in helping other students understand advanced scientific concepts—just ask her to explain Newton’s Law of Physics using balloon rockets! Alainia is well on her way to becoming Dr. Alainia one day.


Alainia prepares the 3-D printer.




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